Crowdfunding & Private Markets

Technology Driven Services

Prime Trust is the industry leader for brokers, crowdfunding portals and alternative exchanges that focus on private equity and debt securities. Our services, all technology driven by API’s and online forms, include:

  • Escrow (Prime Trust is a ‘Qualified Third Party’ per Regulation CF and a ‘bank’ under 15c2-4)
  • Funds processing:
    • Domestic
    • International
    • ACH
    • Wires
    • Checks
    • BACs
  • Bad Actor Checks of issuers and associated persons
  • Anti-Money Laundering checks – domestic & international
  • Custodian for investors
  • IRA’s
  • Trusts
  • “Street Name” issuances
  • Includes securities issued pursuant to:
    • Reg CF
    • Reg D (506b & c)
    • Reg A
    • Reg S
    • Intrastate
  • Confirmation of investor accreditation (for 506c investors) via VerifyInvestor
  • Registered Transfer Agent integration with FASTransfer
  • Accepting investments from:
    • Individuals
    • JTWROS
    • JTIC
    • Corporations & LLC's (including SPV's)
    • Trusts
    • IRA's
  • Clearing & settlement of secondary transactions
  • Portal & broker compliance systems (options incl KYC, 2111 suitability, trade review, 17a(3) & (4), etc)

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Complete Back-Office Solutions

We are your complete back-office solution so you can confidently conduct capital raises using SEC and state regulations. Our services are flexible and can be custom-tailored to your specific needs. Email or call us to schedule a demo and see how fast we can enable you to get online with your offerings!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. It's our commitment to you.