Custodial Accounts

Prime Trust provides individuals, families, partnerships and corporations with a wide variety of directed and self-managed custodial accounts. These include:

  • Investor - put all your private investments in an account so everything is on one easy statement
  • Retirement - IRS's and 401K's for individuals and businesses that enable you to invest in a wide variety of private securities
  • Business - reporting and accounting for cash and securities
  • Enhanced - business accounts that are involved in Cannabis, gambling, adult or firearms and require special handling per bank and trust regulations
  • Specialized - we are the fiduciary trust company for a number of vertical/niche accounts with specific investment focus. Contact your broker, funding portal or platform for more information

To open a custodial account or for more information, click here to send us an email or call us at (702) 840-4000

Custodial Agreements

Please download and sign the following as appropriate and email to

PrimeTrust Investor Custodial Agreement Download
Investor Custodial Agreement
PrimeTrust Business Custodial Agreement Download
Business Custodial Agreement
PrimeTrust Enhanced Custodial Agreement Download
Enhanced Custodial Agreement