Secondary Markets

Tech-Driven Services For Secondary Markets

We solve back-office clearing & settlement problems on secondary sales of private equity and debt securities. Easily integrated technology, securities exchanges and alternative trading platforms can instantly…

  • Validate ownership
  • Clear transfer restrictions
  • Establish escrow for funds settlement
  • Confirm KYC
  • Run AML checks
  • Put securities into custody
  • Capture & disburse commissions due, if any

Prime Trusts tech-driven services for secondary markets help you prevent fraud, comply with SEC regulations, and efficiently execute transactions. All via RESTful API’s that are easy for your engineers to work with.


Transaction Technology:

  • Trade setup fee $0.00 (waived)
  • Trade transaction fee $0.00 (waived)


  • $25 one-time transaction fee
  • Funds processing fees ($0.50/ACH, $10/check, $15/wire, $0.50 BACS)
  • $5/transaction accounting fee
  • Bank surcharges apply to check returns, NSF's, etc
  • *All subject to negotiation depending on the type of crowd in the offering


  • Simple self-directed investor custodial account: No setup fee, No annual fee, No change fees
  • Street Name custody buyer: No fees
  • Street Name custody seller: .0025 prime cash management custodial account


  • Restrictions clearance: $0.00 waived so long as registered transfer agent is API integrated into Prime Trust
  • KYC & AML (optional): $2 domestic individual, $25 domestic company, $60 non-US individual or company

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