Primary APIs:

PrimeTrust API Docs

Open new accounts, send assets into custody, view reports and statements, and initiate disbursement requests.

PrimeTrust API Docs

Check ownership positions and status of unencumbered and cleared cash and assets on account, initiate frictionless and instantaneous transactions of accounts held in custody, obtain fees (if any), and get reporting.

PrimeTrust API Docs
Stablecoins & Tokenized Assets:

Create transaction, compliance, funds processing, fee collection, disbursements and token-minting for asset-backed tokens.

PrimeTrust API Docs
Escrow, Initial Offerings:

Specialized escrow, funds processing and accounting for securities offerings (including STO’s) under Reg’s A, D, S, and CF.

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Escrow, Secondary Transactions and Custom:

Holding funds and assets as a qualified third-party trustee to securely ensure settlement of transactions.

Support APIs:

PrimeTrust API Docs
Account Opening & Management:

Part of our custody API’s to open new institutional and retail accounts (custodial, IRA, HSA, Asset Protection Trust, & College Savings), both domestic US and international individuals and entities, and obtain information and reporting for management purposes.

PrimeTrust API Docs

BSA compliant services available in conjunction with our custody, escrow, exchange and stablecoin & tokenized assets API’s. Not a standalone service. Available for US domestic and international customers.

PrimeTrust API Docs
Funds Processing:

Receiving and sending funds via wire (including SWIFT), ACH, check, and credit card. Also includes cryptocurrency delivery and conversion options.

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