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Build compliant, world-class financial services at scale

Fast & Easy API Solutions

Prime Trust's API's allow authorized, vetted partners to integrate with our financial services. This means being able to open accounts, make asset deposits (including fiat and tokens), initiate disbursments, trigger KYC, and AML, manage securities escrow, confirm balances and pull reports.

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Ultra Fast & Secure

State-Of-The-Art Technology

Our APIs follow the well-understood REST standard for APIs along with a JSON specification. This means you will experience faster development and testing, and integrate with our APIs at lightning speed for your apps and services.

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Highly Scalable

Limitless Applications

We provide a fully-functional, free sandbox environment with dedicated developer support for each client to ensure the fastest integration possible and lowest time to market. Our dedicated support team will ensure that you integrate the right APIs for your use case.

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Fiat & Digital Assets

USD, ERC-20, And More

We offer a seamless, compliant integration for FIAT on and off ramp services for digital asset-focused solutions across various verticals, including custodial and escrow services related to crowdfunding, stablecoins and exchanges.

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API Docs

  • Open new accounts
  • Send assets into custody
  • View reports
  • Initiate disbursements
  • Check ownership
  • Check status of account assets
  • Initiate transactions
  • Receive reporting
  • Create transactions
  • Create compliance checks
  • Funds processing
  • Fee collection
  • Token minting
  • Specialized escrow
  • Funds processing
  • Accounting for Securities under REg's, A, D, S and CF.
  • Hold funds and assets as a qualified trustee
  • Ensure settlement of transactions
  • Continuous monitoring of assets and transactions
  • Open new institutional and retail accounts
  • Give access to domestic and international investors and entities
  • Create and send reports and statements
  • Become BSA compliant
  • Works in conjunction with our API's for compliance
  • Available for domestic and international customers
Funds Processing
  • Receieve and send funds via SWIFT, ACH, check and credit card
  • Cyrptocurrency and conversion
  • View reports and agreements

What can our API Services do for you?

"When it comes to working with our partners, I always ask one simple question; What if I succeed?"

Kevin Lehtiniitty

CPO of Prime Trust

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