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Blockchain Terminology – Changing the Conversation

Want to buy some Apple stock certificates? How about some IBM bond certificates? Sounds silly, and frankly doesn’t even make sense. Yet that’s exactly what some people are saying with “want to buy some [name-of-company] security tokens?” – It’s confusing to investors. It’s confusing to regulators. In the industry, we geek out on terms like… Read more

STO’s vs Rule 12g Both Equity and Asset-Backed Securities, Including Real Estate

It’s all about liquidity… Why don’t all companies just file an S1 (for equity securities) or SF-1 (for asset-backed securities) and list their securities on NASDAQ? Because it’s just too damn expensive and time-consuming to comply with the myriad of rules and regulations. Although the JOBS Act helped businesses with less than $1 billion in revenue dial back the… Read more