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What Is Bank Grade AML Exactly?

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of people say “Bank Grade AML” in their marketing and promotions… But, what does that mean? Well, actually there is no defined standard for that– it’s not a real term. People use it to mean “like a bank.” As a bank is a BSA-subject firm and has enhanced responsibilities – especially when… Read more

Securities Escrow – Receiving Bitcoin?

Can an issuer in a securities offering permit investors to remit payment via Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH)? No…but Yes. This came up last week from one of our escrow customers Reg A’s, which is underwritten by a broker-dealer. They had mistakenly included language in their disclosures saying they were accepting BTC and ETH into… Read more

What’s a “StableCoin”?

Bitcoin has an unsolvable problem when it comes to merchants and consumers. Fortunately, blockchain is the answer. More on this in a moment. First, everyone needs to realize that their money is already electronic. Banks don’t store all of their cash in vaults, it’s electronic entries at the Federal Reserve. People don’t store all of… Read more

You Can Now Invest in Real Estate Using Bitcoin

You Can Now Invest in Real Estate Using Bitcoin

We now process BTC and ETH transactions! I’m pleased to announce that we have now released from beta significant enhancements to our investment transaction technology which enables real estate syndicators and securities issuers to accept funds from investors in the form of Bitcoin and Ethereum, frictionlessly and with zero crypto-market risks to the syndicator or… Read more

Will Token Exchanges Disrupt Traditional Securities Exchanges?

Will Token Exchanges Disrupt Traditional Securities Exchanges?

The quick answer is “yes, absolutely, and in ways which we can only begin to imagine.” This past week I was honored to speak to the National Investor Relations Industry. Darren Marble (CEO of Crowdfundx) and I lead a “blockchain 101” session for several hundred securities-industry professionals who represent public companies. We devoted half of… Read more