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Compliant funding solutions for Reg CF, Reg A, 506(b), 506(c), Reg S, EB-5, and Intrastate

Confidently conduct capital raises under SEC and state regulations with us, as your complete back-office solution. Our services are flexible and can be custom-tailored to your specific needs.

Why Prime Trust?

We are the industry’s leading provider of escrow services for technology-driven securities offerings.

Prime Trust is a "bank" under SEC Rule 15c2-4 and a "Qualified Third Party" under Reg CF. Our systems process and account for every dollar, while protecting issuers, investors and other involved in a capital raise. Holding funds and assets as a qualified third-party trustee, we will securely ensure the settlement of your transactions.

Run a seamless and compliant capital raise via API:

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Open Escrow

digital wallet

Accept funds

(ACH, wires, BTC, ETH, credit cards, and more)

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Process returns

connected computers

Manage disbursements

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Close the account

We Break Barriers For You

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Escrow Includes:

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    Specialized escrows for STOs, exchanges, secondary transactions, and more.
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    Compliance checks on all transactions.
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    All securities types, including Reg A, D, S, CF, EB-5, and more.
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    Detailed, real-time accounting and reports.
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    Brokers and portals, tri-party escrow agreements.
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    Domestic and international investors.
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    Funds processing via ACH, credit & debit cards, wires, checks, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital assets.
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    Easily integrate with our APIs.

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Prime Trust Escrow Documentation