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Exchange APIs

Comprehensive custodial, compliance, and funds processing services to move your exchange forward.

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Prime Exchange Network

Transfer FIAT, BTC, ETH, stocks, and bonds instantly between your accounts and any approved counterparty 24/7.

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PrimeX Exchange Settlement Network app

Move assets at scale, anytime, from anywhere, instantly.

PrimeX™ is our lightning fast, secure exchange network that simplifies asset transfers. Transactions can take place between your Prime Trust accounts and any of your approved counterparties in real-time.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

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With our powerful Exchange APIs, you can open new accounts, run AML & KYC, allow deposits of cash and digital assets, instantly execute matched trades between accounts, and allow traders to withdraw cash and digital assets.

Our API exchange solution allows you to manage and hold your exchange’s flow of funds - both FIAT and digital assets.

The API provides these services white-labeled so you can manage your customer’s experience without handling their funds. Our APIs allow you to seamlessly perform the services mentioned, and more.

Exchange API Features:

crypto exchange compliance

Run AML & KYC processes (managed by our compliance team)

exchange transaction technology

Provides exchange oversight of trader account activity

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Seamlessly open new accounts for traders

crypto exchange funds processing

Allow traders to deposit and withdraw cash and digital assets

crypto exchange api

Instantly execute matched trades between accounts

crypto exchange statements

Trader/investor dashboards with statements

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